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unfortunately, my dear
22 June
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writing, romance, fandom, experimentation, sketching, andy warhol, ai yazawa, vodka, live music, horses, love, passion, cocktails, sex, sharpies, led zeppelin, psychedelia, green, white wine, organic apples, kink, drabbles, words, oil paint, partying, making out, sunbathing, good books, bad books, making new friends, banana popsicles, baby carrots, H&M, fashion, black and white photos, the renaissance, waves and sand, garden state, the who, Mendocino, crying, galloping, laughing, those crinkly, paper thin dresses, beauty, dancing, Aladdin, biking down hills, cranberry juice, water slides, vivid colours, bleach, cheap lip gloss, flats, anime, chekhov, procrastinating, screaming, Lua, fashion ads, Vogue, oversaturated graphics, peach juice, spanakopita, sitting in the snow, being drunk, Rain Song, sushi, grinding, red pumps,tote bags, tunics, Disney Movies, hot-air popcorn, indie pop, champagne, ritz chips, pretentious poetry, gossip girl, jane austen, pretty boys, flirting, Lola L-O-L-A LOLA, grass, tank tops, lyrics, history, arguing about religion, yoga, being hot, DKNY be delicious, trying on shoes in Chanel, sunsets, music, trying to play the guitar, shopper's drug mart, eyeliner, rock operas, so you think you can dance, pride and prejudice, simon woods, bubble bath, peppermint, roger daltry, Ruby Tuesday, incense, belle and sebastian, patio furniture, naruto, posing, kakuhidan, the smell of leather and hay, gum, inventing new recipes, bob dylan, coke, talking, daydreaming, of montreal, tangerine fruitopia, pineapple, printer paper, ipods, mechanical pencils, salad, Anna Sui, korean food, cucumber, the malfoys, manga, hardwood floors, linen, Kensington Market, marshmellow bananas, drummers, silver, wooden bangles, gowns, chandeliers, antique stores, hiking, white water, skipping stones, short shorts, sexy lingerie, sprinklers, dark chocolate, almond butter, lace, beading, long necklaces, getting to know people, Young Folks, languages, mountains, rivers, beer, cherry blossoms, iceberg lettuce, Almost Famous, russian literature, the seventies, rock and roll, four-poster beds, spritzers, bitchy strangers, tulips, lemon sorbet, puppies, starbucks, dressing up, summer, china patterns, nail polish, apricots, green tea, skinny jeans, dried mangos, sunglasses, Friends, shonen-ai, Helpless, white-out, stargazing, feeling small, leggings, dangly earrings, walking in the park, afternoon tea, brown sugar, soy milk, lilacs, sundresses, floppy hats, sitcoms, homemade whipped cream, raskolnikov/sonia, pomegranate juice, betsey johnson, Can I Go Nowhere With You, chiclets, nabokov, victorian fashion, worry dolls, singing in the shower,mascara, being a fangirl, ino, pink floyd, john bonham, pumpkin pie, valentine's day, fishbowls, fishnets, docks, ponies, eyebrown piercings, sexy men, pointy-toed shoes, french tips, bikinis, comments, fruits basket, free concerts, kisses on the cheek, tightly rolled joints, flip-flops, sun, sparkles, icing, 100% cotton, halloween, baking, being free, the velvet underground, 80s punk, agatha christie, feel good movies, tolstoy, violent femmes, indulgence...............

thanks for stopping by, hope you plan to stay. If you friend me, I'll friend you back and try my hardest to get to know you, it's that simple. feel free to add me on AIM too. I love meeting new people.

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